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The ABC Baby and Tweeny Room

Our team of professional, caring staff will provide your baby &  toddler with a wide range of activities creating an environment with lots of fun and stimulation, such as games, puzzles, baking, arts and crafts, sand and water and outdoor play (weather permitting.) Our commitment is to nurture each child's individuality and develop their own unique identity.


The staff plan daily activities from the 'prebirth to three matters' curriculum framework to encourage your baby & toddlers further development with daily records of their progress provided. As part of your baby & toddlers 'settling in period' it is requested you complete a daily routine sheet which allows the staff to follow your child's established home routines as much as possible.

Our 2-3 and 3-5 Areas

At ABC we take great pride in providing your child with the appropriate learning and education as they work towards preparing for primary school.


The children will still need help with simple reading and writing tasks to improve their skills, which is why the staff focus strongly on following the 'Prebirh to Three Matters' & 'Curriculum of Excellence'. This learning is supported by the ever evolving provision of puzzle, jigsaw, construction toy, etc on offer throughout the day, along with consistent access to computers, laptops & tablets with age appropriate software providing counting and sorting tasks.


The quiet zone is where their story corner is located with staff performing calendars, circle time, story time and sing-a-long sessions encouraging your child's confidence to grow.

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To find out more information regarding our prices, please contact our friendly team on


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