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By triciawilson, Mar 31 2017 02:10PM

We have been enjoying the sunshine this week and we had the opportunity to plant some sunflowers. We are going to be looking after them, making sure that we give them enough water and sunlight to grow. Look out for some updates!!

By triciawilson, Mar 11 2017 08:23PM

We have started our STAR MOMENTS. These are for the children's achievements such as toilet training to drawing a fantastic picture. This is a fun way for the children to show off what they have achieved and to be proud of themselves. If you are in the nursery, have a look out for our STAR MOMENTS wall display.

By triciawilson, Feb 20 2017 08:00AM

We have been working very hard with the local care home, to look at opportunities to work in partnership with them. They have kindly opened their doors to us and are more than willing to work together. Next week we are going to spend some time with some of the residents in a messy afternoon with lots of gluing and painting. This is a great opportunity for both of us and we are very excited about this new venture! Be sure to check our Facebook page for photographs!

By triciawilson, Feb 17 2017 02:19PM

In the 3-5 room we are going to be starting a new initiative to give children new and exciting experiences. We will soon be starting an outdoor day where we will be take full opportunity to spend most of the day outside, including having picnics for our snack! This will either be in the nursery garden or out in the local area. The children will have the opportunity to experience lots of new activities for example muddy day. For this to happen we ask you to provide your child with a spare pair of clothes, welly boots and a waterproof jacket, etc, as we will be going outdoors in all weathers so please be prepared for your child to come home a little messy! A messy child is a happy child!

By triciawilson, Feb 16 2017 04:07AM

We wanted to let you all know about an exciting new partnership we are developing at ABC, we have linked together with Woodlands Nursing home in Dedridge. As the home is a short distance away we are hoping that the residents will become part of our nursery life on a weekly basis. Working alongside the staff at the home, and with our children we have discussed lots of different activities that we can do together. This may include – baking, story time, arts and craft, gardening and we would also like to involve them with our plans to do a weekly mile.

Recent research has looked at the benefits to both residents and children when they are spending time together, this includes developing language, independence, increasing confidence and developing positive relationships.

During the times that we are together the staff from ABC will be present at all times along with the staff from woodlands. We will be continually risk assessing to ensure the time spend together is safe, nurturing and risk free.

Both ourselves and Woodlands would like to evidence this practice with photographs and updates via newsletters and private Facebook pages. If you would like to discuss this further or any other aspect of our plans, please come and speak to Debbie or Josephine.

We will keep you updated with our plans but in the meantime, have a look at the link below which shows how an American nursery and care home have benefitted from linking together.