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ABC Inspection Report

By triciawilson, Oct 30 2017 08:20PM

We are delighted to share with you our recent inspection report from Care Inspectorate. The inspector spend 2 half days in the nursery speaking to the children and staff, while looking at all our fantastic practice.

We are very happy to announce that we were giving 5's across the board in all areas. Please take the time to look through the report and if you have further questions please let us know.

Below are a few snippets of our report:

The children told us they were very happy at ABC Private nursery. As well as nursery aged children, there was a group of primary school aged children attending the summer play scheme. Some children showed us what liked to do and involved us in their play during the inspection. Older children took part in a discussion with usabout their experiences of attending the service. Their comments included:

''I found a caterpillar - I want to see it turn into a butterfly''

''I'm making an apple, strawberry and banana cake''

'' It's amazing here, I think I might stay until I'm 19''

''It's great''

''We get to go on trips ... we went to a mountain and climbed up and saw the new bridge''

''Holiday club is now better because we get to do more things''

Children also told us they had good opportunity to make new friends, that staff listened to them and that staff were caring and supportive.

We would love to hear your thoughts, pop in and see Debbie and Donna next time you are in!