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ABC Private Nursery Objectives 

At ABC Private Nursery, our aim is to be professional at all times, providing the highest standard of care for each child and a caring and respectful approach to parents' needs and wishes.


Our qualified staff ensure that each childs' needs are always recognised and fulfilled. Children are fully supervised all times throughout the day. Staff will ensure understanding and a professional approach to children.


We pride ourselves on providing significantly superior childcare where the child and family are key, and flexibility towards all the family is central to our quality service. We can provide your child with a head start in life, encouraging their personal development on their learning opportunities.

ABC Private Nursery Aims

Through stimulating and fun activities, our aim is to promote all areas of a childs' development


Through constant observations, ensure that all areas of child development are promoted


To maintain child and parent confidentiality and ensure that records of a delicate nature and parents' wishes are respected


Meetings and discussions are held in the strictest confidence


Ensuring staff ratio is constantly checked, with at least two carers in the playroom at any time


Staff will ensure patience and understanding when dealing with conflict or unacceptable behaviour in children

Secure and large indoor care areas Spacious outdoor play areas